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Participant Eligibility Requirements:

Individuals with physical disabilities including PTSD and TBI or ill, injured and wounded veterans and service members.

Designated Areas of Service:

Outdoor Adventures

Contact Information:

Chelsea Elder, Executive Director 

Phone: (303) 679-2770


Adaptive Adventures
Lakewood, CO
Franklin Park, IL

Adaptive Adventures Military Operations Program (AAMO) provides a unique mobile adaptive sports program to serve transitioning service members and veterans with physical disabilities, their families, and VA Medical Centers in unserved and underserved areas of the country. The AAMO program provides single-day programs, multi-day clinics, camps, and events. With offices in Franklin Park, IL and Lakewood, CO, Adaptive Adventures is a recognized regional and national leader in adaptive sports for disabled veterans including alpine skiing, climbing, cycling, kayaking, paddle boarding, dragon boat racing, water-skiing, and wakeboarding.

Adaptive Adventures programs focus on developing greater independence through skill development and acquisition of equipment and adaptations for lifelong sport enjoyment. Adaptive Adventures empowers individuals by providing customized sports programs for all participants while helping each individual to create a lifestyle of health and wellness using sports as the catalyst for change. Adaptive Adventures provides an opportunity for individuals to experience camaraderie, build lasting relationships and find purpose as a mentor in our programs. Adaptive Adventures respects and honors the service of each veteran and their families and recognizes each individual’s unique psychological and physical needs. Adaptive Adventures respects the role family members, caregivers and friends play in the rehabilitation process and encourages participation alongside their veteran in all programs to establish a support network for each veteran.

Adaptive Adventures currently travels to provide services in over 30 states and Puerto Rico. Adaptive Adventures collaborates with over 24 VA medical centers, military hospitals, WTUs, WTBs, and other veteran service organizations to impact veterans and their families throughout the country. Adaptive Adventures trains, equips, and supports partners to create and foster sustainable programs to serve more individuals and communities through the AAMO program. Adaptive Adventures collaborates with over 170 community partners to maximize resources, broaden efforts and increase efficiency.

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