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Participant Eligibility Requirements:

Participant eligibility for our veteran-specific programs are to be 30% VA connected; eligibility for open Catalyst programs are those diagnosed with a physical disability.

Designated Areas of Service:

Outdoor Adventure

Contact Information:

Eric Gray

Phone: 404-788-7912


Catalyst Sports
Atlanta, GA

Catalyst Sports provides adaptive sports and recreation therapy to injured service members and veterans. Our mission is to give people with physical disabilities access to the life-changing impact of adventure within a supportive and inclusive community.

Catalyst Sports is the only outdoor adaptive adventure sports program in the Southeast that offers a large variety of sports including mountain biking, hiking, climbing, and kayaking. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, we have grown from taking a single group of disabled veterans up the Grand Teton (a 14,000 ft mountain in Jackson, Wyoming) to now providing over 1200 lessons a year throughout eight cities within the southeast. Catalyst Sports offers adaptive mountain biking, indoor and outdoor climbing, kayaking, skiing, and cycling in eight cities across the Southeast.

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