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Participants Eligibility Requirements:

Honorable Discharge or currently serving Active Duty, Reserves or National Guard

Served Post 9/11 in or in support of OEF, OIF or New Dawn

Have no felony convictions or domestic violence charges

Designated Areas of Service:

Education, employment, affordable housing and wellness and recreation

Contact Information:

David Booth, President & CEO


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Combat Veterans to Careers
The Villages, FL

Our Mission - provide 360 Degrees Of Support And Opportunities And To Enhance The Quality Of Life For Our Combat Veterans And Their Families.


Our Goal - provide opportunities for combat veterans who are ready for a rewarding, life-long career by giving them the necessary tools for success. Focusing on the four main areas of education, employment, affordable housing and wellness and recreation, we are able to provide our veterans and their families with 360 degrees of support and well-being.


By creating a path for our Veteran families we are able to address the basic needs for a healthy happy live after service to our country.


The need for this support grows each day as veterans continue to reach out to us. Together we can continue to ensure the men and women who have chosen valiantly defend the freedoms we enjoy will receive the support they need to achieve the civilian lifestyle they deserve.

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