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Participants Eligibility Requirements:

Comfort Crew programs and resources are available to children ages 6-12 and families of Veterans, those who have one or both parents serving in the US Military, including Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserves, or are survivors of a deceased service member.

Designated Areas of Service:

Family Programs

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The Comfort Crew
Austin, TX    (Serves National)

The Comfort Crew for Military Kids (CCMK) is a 501(c)(3) public charity established in 2007 to honor, celebrate, and support military children. Our mission is to deliver proven resources to help military kids and their family connect and build resiliency in the face of extraordinary challenges.


Comfort Crew has created four specialized resource kits for military children and their families who are experiencing the unique issues associated with a parent’s service:


* With You All The Way! Dealing With Deployment

* Together Again! Helping Military Families Reconnect

* Taking Care of You! Support for Kids of Injured Heroes

* Helping Military Children Handle Loss


These kits contain resiliency building resources such as journals and DVDs for children ages 6-12, and family guidebooks for the parents. They also include a plush animal to offer comfort and companionship and additional items to offer support for specific circumstances. They are designed to emphasize preparation, increase communication for the entire family, and provide strategies to process emotions.


We are honored that military families request our resources daily through our Military Family Web portal and we ship the kits directly to them at no cost to the family. Availability of Comfort Kits is dependent on current funding.



CCMK also offers the With You All the Way! Tour, an exciting, educational presentation led by Comfort Crew Co-founder and best-selling children's author and illustrator, Trevor Romain. Over the past 7 years, Trevor and the Comfort Crew has visited schools on and near US military bases around the world, delivering support to hundreds of thousands of military kids and their classmates. The presentations share vital, yet upbeat messages that emphasize the importance of caring for one another and developing valuable strategies for dealing with Bullying, Homework, Moving, Cliques, Facing Fears, Staying Healthy, and the unique challenges of military life.

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