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Healing at English River Outfitters
Washington, IA

Participants Eligibility Requirements:

Veterans and their families

Designated Areas of Service:

1) Counseling/Mentoring
2) Hunting/Fishing

3) Families

Contact Information:

Gerald Kite


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HERO provides safe outdoor activities for all veterans and their families. We offer a “Peer to Peer” mentorship program. We are not counselors or therapist. We are veterans that have been there and understand what Veterans and families are going through.

HERO is part of the healing process for veterans and families.


Veteran Programs:

  • Hunting and fishing trips both in and outside the state of Iowa.

  • Women only Veterans Weekend Retreat


Family Programs:

  • Easter Egg and Scavenger Hunt for the kids up to 10

  • Caring for horses is healing for Veterans and families

  • Family camp-outs and canoe trips

  • Haunted Trail

  • Spouse and Significant Other Retreat to foster understanding of PTSD, and what are some triggers and how to deal with it.


Suicide Prevention:

We interact with veterans that have suicidal thoughts. We let them know they are not alone.


Suicide Support Group:

For families who have lost a Service Member or Veteran to suicide.


HERO Life Skills Program:

All of HERO’s events are structured around our Life Skills Program which is comprised of three Modules.​

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