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Frequently Asked Questions



Who is America's Warrior Partnership?

America’s Warrior Partnership is a national nonprofit dedicated to empowering communities to empower veterans. We do that through programs and services that link governmental and community resources to help transitioning service members, veterans, military families and their caregivers receive the care and support they need – building a system where no warrior falls through the cracks.

What happened to the R4 Alliance?

Since its initial launch in November 2013, the R4 Alliance board members and staff have worked tirelessly to build an organization that could operate at an elevated standard of excellence without passing any costs on to the membership.


As the Alliance achieved critical mass, that level required additional management and the support dollars to drive it.  The capital base proved too small and the business model too modest to sustain the growth, so the board was faced with two options:  find a complementary organization that could adopt what they had created or abandon R4’s vision and mission.

As the board studied both scenarios they were introduced to the America’s Warrior Partnership management team where they found enough commonality to exercise option one. In December 2017, the board decertified the R4 Alliance 501(c)3  and transferred all remaining assets to America’s Warrior Partnership, knowing that we were committed to continuing the mission.  

Why America's Warrior Partnership was chosen to carry on the R4 mission.

Our Community Integration service model, WarriorServe® technology, annual Symposium and newly-formed national network of veteran-serving organizations provide a wealth of networking, professional development, marketing/exposure and direct service opportunities for all of our partners. The Symposium provides a national stage for our programs. Attendees come from both governmental and private organizations as well as nonprofits. Every year, the Symposium increases in size and value. Nowhere else can the Four Star Alliance receive such national attention and draw new members and participants. The Symposium magnifies our reach and will give the Four Star Alliance maximum exposure. 

America’s Warrior Partnership is dedicated to complete transparency in its operations and finances. This means potential members can be assured that all practices and expenditures are in line with our stated purpose.

We publish our annual 990 online, participate in GuideStar and provide an annual report to stakeholders. In addition, we created WarriorServe®, a data management tool that we share with communities across the country to help provide quantitative evidence of effectiveness. This creates a stable environment for the Four Star Alliance and elevates members by their association with America’s Warrior Partnership. 

Moreover, we are equally committed to ensuring that our military community has access to other high quality programs and services throughout the country. We’ve launched the Four Star Alliance to bring R4 members into the fold.

Why you should join the Four Star Alliance?

As a program of America’s Warrior Partnership, the Four Star Alliance is able to leverage national and local resources to help member organizations serve more warriors and build stronger programs. Membership benefits include:


  • Visibility and Recognition

    • Expanded assistance capabilities by receiving and recommending referrals to and from other veteran-serving organizations outside of your service capabilities

    • Opportunities to be highlighted in monthly newsletters, local and national publications and research studies

    • Designated as a Program of Excellence

    • Listed in the Four Star Alliance membership directory with an organizational profile page


  • Advertising and Marketing

    • Members-only exhibitor rate at the annual Warrior Community Integration Symposium

    • Opportunity to distribute direct eblasts to our partner organizations

  • Advocacy

    • Become a part of a unified voice for veteran services at local, state and federal levels

    • Participate in America's Warrior Partnership annual survey and utilize results to improve programs and services

  • Professional Development and Networking

    • Symposium member pricing 

    • Members-only sessions, workshops and exhibitor hour at the annual Symposium

    • Quarterly webinars

Together, we can create – and share in – an extended ecosystem of support for our warriors.

What will change?

Members of the new Four Star Alliance will retain their Program of Excellence seal, the vetting process will remain intact, and the strategic focus to improve the quality of nonprofit services to the broader military community will go unchanged.


Similarly, the mission of the Four Star Alliance adopts key components of the former R4 Alliance:

The Four Star Alliance maximizes reintegration opportunities for our military community through member-driven Standards of Excellence, research,

education and training, and a national network focused on adaptive sports, therapeutic recreation and wellness/rehabilitation.  


Members may notice that “Our Military Family” is synonymous with “warriors” at America’s Warrior Partnership – referring both to transitioning service members and veterans, as well as to their families and caregivers.

What are the next steps?

As one might imagine, absorbing another nonprofit organization requires much research, planning and effort. Not only does the R4 to Four Star transition process involve ensuring member retention, but it also includes incorporating fiscally responsible administrative and operational oversight into this new section of our business model.



A new membership committee has been put in place to maintain the Program of Excellence standards with vetting and annual evaluations. And, as membership benefits roll out, Four Star Alliance members will be given the opportunity to join our WarriorServe® referral and case management network.

Going forward, the new Alliance will be an extension of the substantial programs offered by America's Warrior Partnership.


This will enable us to offer vetted recreational therapy services to warriors from coast to coast. As partners within America’s Warrior Partnership’s national network, each member program is in the position to ensure that the veterans in their care receive the services they need beyond each partner’s sole capacity to provide.  Members enjoy unparalleled access for their veterans to other partner organizations so that regardless of location, they can find assistance when and where they need it.

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