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Participant Eligibility Requirements:

Any medically releasing service member or veteran with a 10% VA Disability rating qualifies for Operation Motorsport programs. Each participant must apply through Operation Motorsport and undergo a screening process to ensure the foundation understands the candidate’s goals and needs while also ensuring the foundation’s programs can assist in meeting the applicant’s desires.

Designated Areas of Service:

Team Sports/Involvement in motorsport opportunities centered around sports car racing (IMSA, SRO, CTCC) along with virtual engagement through iRacing simulated racing. Our programs are designed to provide therapeutic assistance, increase quality-of-life, and increase mental health and resiliency by providing atmospheres that help build a sense of team, identity, and purpose.

Contact Information:

Tiffany Lodder, Executive Director 

Phone: (613) 921-6172


Operation Motorsport
Brighton, Ontario, Canada &
Raleigh, North Carolina

Many similarities exist between motorsports and military operations with the core ethos lying in Team, Identity, and Purpose. Service members often lose this sense of culture once the military finds a service member no longer able to serve or once the service member leaves the military. Operation Motorsport aims to fill these gaps and provide a path of recovery possibly leading to potential career opportunities; bringing a spark to their life and a connection to the comradery lost upon leaving the military. Our programs are not a one-and-done opportunity, but a long-term engagement that can last for years.

We engage transitioning service members and veterans who identify with motorsports as an interest. Our programs provide valuable experiences that enable beneficiaries to discover how their skill set can transfer into new roles. At no financial cost to the beneficiary, every opportunity arranged to give the beneficiary the best possible experience with support provided throughout for those whose condition makes seemingly very simple tasks of entering a new environment a major hurdle.

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