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Participant Eligibility Requirements:

We do not require any formal verification by participants.

Designated Areas of Service:

Peer-based Support
Family Support
PTSD Recovery
Trauma Healing
Caregiver Support
Spouse Support

Contact Information:

Evan Owens, Executive Director 

Phone: (615) 715-2065


REBOOT Combat Recovery
Clarksville, Tennessee

Founded in 2011 by occupational therapist Jenny Owens and her husband Evan, REBOOT’s 12-week combat trauma healing course provides a unique blend of clinical insight with Christian faith-based support for combat veterans and their loved ones seeking healing from moral injury. REBOOT “communities” are safe, private, and mostly veteran-led. Childcare and a pre-discussion meal are provided on a weekly basis to remove barriers of entry for families seeking help. We encourage the participation of spouses and affected family members because we know that trauma impacts the entire family.

REBOOT is headquartered near Fort Campbell, KY, where it was founded in 2011 by occupational therapist Dr. Jenny Owens and her husband, Evan. In what started with a small group in the Owens’ home has expanded to more than 100 locations in the U.S. states and Australia!

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