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Participants Eligibility Requirements:

The Saratoga WarHorse program is geared towards veterans struggling with symptoms that can include PTS, suicidal ideation, anxiety, sleeplessness, nightmares, anger issues and related symptoms.

Veterans are accepted from all conflicts who have served in any capacity in the military whether they have been deployed or not.

Designated Areas of Service:

Equine therapy

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Contact Information

Phone: (518) 886-8131


Saratoga WarHorse
Saratoga Springs, NY 

Saratoga WarHorse is a nonprofit organization assisting veterans who are suffering from invisible, psychological wounds by providing a confidential, peer-to-peer, action-based, equine-assisted experience that initiates immediate and long-lasting empowering changes.


Saratoga WarHorse provides a new experience with a focus on post-traumatic stress and suicide prevention that is a vastly different approach from traditional talk therapy.  The unique and powerful approach of Saratoga WarHorse has been described by veterans as “life-changing beyond words.”  As of March 2018, Saratoga WarHorse has graduated over 850 veterans.


The free 3-day program includes travel to our facility in Saratoga Springs, New York or Aiken, South Carolina.

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