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Member Success: Northeast Passage

Northeast Passage - Terrain Beach Wheelchair

Northeast Passage was contacted by a spouse to see if any programs would be suitable for her husband, a retired Navy veteran. His health was declining and was unable to walk for any distance. He was an avid fisherman back in the day. He was connected to the fishing program and learned to cast a fly rod, something new to him. He also learned to tie flies for striped bass fishing. Due to his inability to walk access to the fishing spots was very limited due to the tidal flow. Mud, rocks and shallow water needed to be crossed. With the use of an all terrain beach wheelchair this veteran was able to access the tidal channel with the help of veteran volunteers and NEP staff. Here he was able to fly fish with the skills he had learned and the flies he had tied. As his health continued to decline he continued to sign up for events knowing he may have to cancel but stated, “Northeast Passage events are my favorite thing to do.”

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