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Participants Eligibility Requirements:

  • be a combat veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), or Operation New Dawn (OND)

  • be combat-wounded (including PTS and TBI) and/or identify how WQW’s program can benefit you (This may include but is not limited to Purple Heart recipients, confirmed combat-related disability ratings, and/or confirmed service records/decorations of combat experience)

  • provide DD214 Member-4 copy at time of application or inquiry (If applicant is active duty, we will request other service documentation or contact current command as necessary).

  • be committed to creating positive change in one’s life.

Designated Areas of Service:

Providing therapeutic recreation for Post-9/11 combat veterans and their spouses and caregivers.

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Contact Information

Office Phone: 406-585-9793


Warriors & Quiet
Bozeman, MT

Through the experience of fly fishing in Montana, WQW is a catalyst for positive change in the lives of post’9/11 combat veterans. The wounds of war, visible and invisible, can be lasting and veterans will need decades of support. By giving veterans a chance to participate in a Fishing Experience (FX), WQW provides veterans with the opportunity to connect with fellow veterans who might be experiencing similar challenges.


From April through October we bring groups of warriors to Bozeman, MT for a six-day fly fishing experience. Upon arrival they are outfitted with a fishing equipment (waders, rods, reels, rain gear, etc), theirs to keep when they leave. We house them together in a lodge setting and our volunteer "moms" cook homemade meals. Each warrior has his/her own guide and volunteer companion for the week. They experience all types of fishing i.e. floating rivers, wading in streams and creeks, ponds, whatever their conditions permit in Montana's spectacular setting. WQW pays for their travel, accommodations, meals, equipment and provides the guided fishing experience. There is no cost to the warrior to participate.


WQW offers three program models: the Solo FX, the Alumni FX, and the Couples FX. The Solo FX is the first time a participant comes through the program with six other warriors. The Alumni FX pairs five first time participants with five alumni participants. The Couples FX gives alumni participants a chance to bring their spouse to Montana to share the experience. Prior to attending an FX, first-time participants are given a Quality of Life survey. They are given the same survey three months after the FX. Participants have reported that they feel more connected with others, feel more control over their lives and have an increase in the satisfaction they get from personal relationships.

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