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Worklife Insitute

Participants Eligibility Requirements:

 Mlitary (Active, Retired, Guard and Reserve) 

Designated Areas of Service:

Contact Information:

Dr. Diana Dale

713-266-2456 / 713-963-9456

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Houston, TX

Worklife Institute was founded in 1988 as a non-profit educational and employee resource center for the Texas / Gulf Coast region and to collaborate nationally for best practices.   


Our mission is to promote and facilitate the highest quality of work life, providing resources for area residents, workplaces and communities.  Programs include Career Transition, Employee Assistance Programs, Corporate Change Management, Mediation and Entrepreneurship Training and Services, and the Veterans Transition and Sustainability Program. 


The Veterans Transition and Sustainability Program’s goal is successful, satisfying transition of military servicepersons and families into new careers and community life following military service.  Outcomes include meaningful, upwardly sustainable employment, with ongoing personal development and family support services. 


The program’s core is Career Transition - the greatest need identified by veterans.  Each year, 75% of clients initially come to deal with career concerns.  The career program includes career direction exploration followed by the direct employment route or entry into preparatory academic or certifications-based training.  Outcomes are outstanding, with over 79% of new jobs in “white collar” professions, entrepreneurship and skilled trades. 


Supportive services include personal transition and family counseling, legal and financial advisement, Transition Workshops, longer courses in entrepreneurship and mediation.  Affinity support groups include The Texas Alliance of Military Women and the Veterans CEO Roundtable.  75% of career clients use these services.  Another 25% come exclusively for the support resources. 


The Resource Center is a welcoming and empowering home base for our clients and a meeting place for our large network of service providers.  It includes computer workstations, training and conference rooms, benefits and resources information, library, lounge, open kitchen and counseling offices. 


Outreach includes Veterans Newsletter and Job Postings, website and social media, hiring and benefits fairs, events at the region’s Guard and Reserve units, conferences and summits, VSO roundtables and regional and national collaborations.

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